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LControl plans, develops and markets a wide range of software and protocols to hardware:
(plc, converters, modems and routers) for communication and integration improvement between different devices, systems, machines or other devices. The Protocols we have developed combined in the central control system which controls all system's components through graphics screens menus that contain maintenance and energy efficiency reports. Never the less, The system sends malfunctions alerts and notifications to your mobile phone and email addresses. our company offers a various well known (popular / updated) protocols such as:
BACnet* Modbus* Lon works* SNMP* OPC* Csi* Mitsubishi* Saia* Hochiki* Notifier*, Simplex

LControl offers its customers an optimal solution for their needs in the following fields :
•Heating and Cooling Systems (Chillers)• Fire detection systems • Security systems including: cameras, alarms, entry control Systems • Paging systems • Generators • UPS Systems • control systems Plant and production lines.

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